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Welcome to our blog! In these posts, we will be sharing our progress and updates to Sam the Local, unique things we discover around town, and tips and tricks for having the best experience in Hong Kong.

But first, our story…and a picture of us…

After moving to Hong Kong in 2011, we have had the pleasure of traveling around Asia. Before heading off to our destinations, we would always contact any friends and/or family that lived there to ask them for suggestions on things to do and eat and to see if they’re available to show us around. With our local by our side, we would get to see our destination through their lens, taste food through their palette, and learn about culture through their perspective. We dubbed this the best way for us to travel because it’s not rigid and impersonal like a tour group, and it’s easier and more educational than a tour book.

On the other side, our friends and family would do the same thing to us when they visit Hong Kong. We would take them around to our favorite local finds, answer any questions they had and tell them about all of the crazy things that happen in and around Hong Kong. They would really enjoy the ease of having someone directing them where to go but also having the flexibility to see the things they wanted to see.

So then we realized, dude, what if we traveled somewhere where we didn’t know anybody? Who would we ask then?

And that is how Sam the Local was born. Our vision is to give people access to a local friend anywhere they travel to in the world.

Sam the Local is a platform for a community of individuals, whether it is the local or the explorer, who are passionate about sharing their experiences.

We hope to change traveling one trip at a time. Your interests. Your way.

Thank you for reading this post, and we hope you enjoy our future ones

Warm regards,

Anita and Maggie

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