Lulu T.

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Let’s discover Hong Kong’s multi-facet personalities together – From traditional to modern!

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Come along to discover:

Food – Yum!

Shopping – Fun!

History & Culture – Rich & Dynamic

Business – Traditional & Ultra-modern

Occupation: Marketing and Communicaitons

Languages: Fluent Cantonese & Putonghua, and English

Areas I know well: Throughout HK

Maximum group size: 6

General Availability: Flexible

Hong Kong provides such a diverse range of offerings – from modern skyscrapers to old shop houses, from Michelin dining or molecular gastronomy to local dim sum & wonton noodle places, from global flagships to local specialized shopping, from highly concentrated housing estates to breathtaking hiking trails.

Hence, if you are interested in Hong Kong’s most established restaurants, bars or shops, or Disneyland, I can be there for you. Or if you are in the mood on venturing out to the offbeat food, shops or backstreets, or even to meet some of the local artists, I can also be there for you.

We could chit chat in English, Cantonese or Putonghua. Perhaps it’s my marketing & PR background, I luv meeting people and making new friends. And I luv introducing & exploring this dynamic city with you as Hong Kong is a multi-facet and ever-changing city!

$400HKD / hour for up to 2 people (minimum 2 hours) and $400HKD / additional set of 2 people, does not include food or other miscellaneous costs


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