Ken Y.

From: $800HKD

Backpacker, Photography Lover, World Citizen from Hong Kong. Let me be with you to check this city out!

Come along to discover:

Food – Dim sum, seafood, Cantonese food, street food

Nature – Sunset, sunrise, beach, height ground

History & Culture – Kowloon culture, British colony culture, local lifestyles

Sports – Basketball, swimming, cycling, running

Occupation: Administration Support

Languages: Fluent Cantonese, Conversational English & Mandarin

Areas I know well: Kowloon and Hong Kong Island

Maximum group size: 4

General Availability: Weekday evenings and weekends

“You Only Live Once”, that is my favorite quote I have heard during my journey. I have been helped by different people during my travels, and some of them become my friends.

I was born and raised in Hong Kong. The famous, typical spots, of course, I can show you. But, I would be more happy showing you around to places if you wanna know more about what’s happening in Hong Kong, what stories are behind the city and in what way people are generally thinking. Now it’s in your hands to choose what kind of journey you’d like. So let me help you get the full picture of Hong Kong and customize your experience, you are always welcome!

Last but not least, there is a Chinese saying “有朋自遠方來,不亦樂乎?” (simply translate as “Be smile because friends come from thousand miles, don’t you?”). Wish all of you have a great life! =)

$400HKD / hour for up to 2 people (minimum 2 hours) and $400HKD / additional set of 2 people, does not include food or other miscellaneous costs


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