Karen N.

From: $800HKD

A local / traveler / backpacker / couchsurfer, with insight to tailor made, unique local Outing from the view of what u would experience. Have FUN!

Come along to discover:

Food – dim sum, boat noodles, local street food

Sports – swimming, wake board, paragliding, kayaking, yoga, thai boxing

Nature – hiking, camping, snorkeling, diving, explore the islands in HK

Shopping – local souvenirs, cosmetics

History & Culture – historical buildings, local stories

Nightlife – sky lounge with 180 degree harbour view, parties, clubs, bars

Families – experience of local family culture, lifestyle and be the guest of family dinner

Occupation: Personal Assistant

Languages: Fluent Cantonese, English, and Mandarin

Areas I know well: Southern district e.g. Aberdeen, HK island, Lamma Islands, Poi Toi Island, Cheung Chau

Maximum group size: 4

General Availability: Weekdays evenings and weekends

Outgoing, cheerful, adventurous one.
Would love to interact and have culture exchange with people from different nations.

As a local born in HK, I left my comfort zone to start my journey around Europe for some years and to explore this fun world. I was living and working in Berlin and Hamburg for a pretty while and meanwhile backpacking around Europe from time to time.

As a traveler/ backpacker whom been to 20+ countries, after return to my home town – HK, im so eager to let people from worldwide to know about this stunning City!

Join me and have FUN! 🙂

$400HKD / hour for up to 2 people (minimum 2 hours) and $400HKD / additional set of 2 people, does not include food or other miscellaneous costs


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