James L.

From: $800HKD

Grew up in the N.T., living on the Island. Explored both the countryside and the heart of HK. Join me in discovering the diversity!

Come along to discover:

Food – dim sum, siu mei (roast meats), street food

Sports – field hockey, hiking, camping

Nature – mountains, beaches, farms and outlying islands

Shopping – local stores, independent book stores, Sunday markets

Art & Music – violin, drama performance

History & Culture – the pasts and presents of the places that I’m familiar with, museums, movie, pop-up cultural events in PMQ, Western Kowloon Cultural District and perhaps rural villages in the New Territories

Occupation: Student

Languages: Fluent Cantonese and Mandarin, conversational English

Areas I know well: Tuen Mun, Pokfulam, Western District, Yuen Long, Tin Shui Wai

Maximum group size: 5

General Availability: Weekdays 9am-5pm, weekend afternoons

I spent my childhood and teenage in Tuen Mun, a new town in the New Territories. Now I’m studying at HKU where I grabbed the opportunity to explore the surrounding areas full of historic sites and friendly communities.

I fell in love with traveling since I was in secondary school when my aunt brought me to Japan and had a 17-day in-depth journey from Tokyo all the way Hiroshima. I was so excited to experience the Japanese culture. I started traveling alone to a few Asian countries since 2014. And that’s when I found that there are actually a lot more to explore in Hong Kong.

The hiking trails in country parks, the monuments and architecture with many stories to tell, the vanishing villages scattered around us, the small but unique shops and restaurants hidden in alleys or even upstairs. They are all irreplaceable.

So are you ready to become a tourist and re-discover Hong Kong? Let me be your Local.

$400HKD / hour for up to 2 people (minimum 2 hours) and $400HKD / additional set of 2 people, does not include food or other miscellaneous costs


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