Jacqueline F.

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A unique experience of Hong Kong, rarely seen on usual tours. See Hong Kong a littler greener, a little calmer, but equally enticing…

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Come along to discover:

Food – organic & fair trade locally grown produce, healthy eating.

Nature – Permaculture, Organics, Farming, Hiking.

Occupation: Community Manager

Languages: Native English

Areas I know well: Clearwater Bay, Kam Tin, Central

Maximum group size: 8

General Availability: Weekdays 10am thru 8pm

Perfectly Home Kong

Everyone is always surprised when I tell them I work on an organic farm in Hong Kong. I guess the usual picture postcard idea of Hong Kong is the glittering skyline (which is impressive…) or the hustle and bustle of Causeway Bay or Wan Chai. I fell in love with Hong Kong after a few stop offs on my way back home from Shanghai to the UK. I was hooked immediately. The smell of food on a sticky humid Hong Kong evening at Temple Street Night market…the tram trundling along slowly through a maze of red beeping taxis, crossing the harbor on the star ferry, bobbing gently…listening to people from every corner of the world stop to take a picture with that beautiful skyline backdrop.

Hong Kong is so much more than you could imagine. Beautiful sandy beaches, ferries to quiet outlying islands where you can get incredible food at local prices and with excellent service, and hiking here in some of the most stunning scenery I have ever seen. Did you know Hong Kong has a geopark, one of the biggest budhha’s in Asia and if you’re so inclined there’s a Disney World too?!

One of the most rewarding things here for me, is working alongside amazing people who are changing the way Hong Kong eats. It’s a metropolis here, with food from all four corners of the globe. It can be loud, proud, noisy, and wonderfully smelly! But…there are quiet, gentle escapes with a network of young people (and old too) recognizing that Hong Kong’s climate means, we get to enjoy 365 days of harvest. People scoff when I tell them that, then I take them to Permaclub and they fall in love with the land, as we all did. Our project is only four years old, which for the keen gardeners amongst you will know, means we are relatively young. But the garden still amazes us everyday. We work closely with our community, planting, growing, harvesting and cooking together. Our Asian herb beds are an aromatic oasis, and in the early summer the ginger flowers are heady and strong. In high summer the frangipani is one of the most fragrant, entrancing smells I’ve ever found. Our site is small, but we think perfectly formed and it goes against the typical idea of big multinational corporate farming systems. We are a small team but we think we’re making a big impact, sharing our skills and sometimes even our herbs! We are also extremely well located in Clearwater Bay, which is on the Eastern Sai Kung Peninsula, surrounded by hiking trails, mountains and stunning sea views.

Eating local, thinking global.

At Hong Kong’s early sunset I often head to feast at one of our friends restaurants Soho Fama, one of the few places who we sell our produce to. Chef Shing serves up a mean Xiao Long Bao, and if it’s winter the turmeric rice is must. It’s even more special when you know how your food has been grown and I look forward to that dish every year. Soho Fama sits inside the PMQ, (a beautifully renovated design and retail hub). It’s the former Police Married Quarters and is packed with cute designers from all over the world, alongside some pretty impressive local talent too. They host events regularly in their outdoor atrium and although it’s rare to find such interesting architectural gems preserved so well in Hong Kong, they are there…you just need to know where to look.

I hope you’ll join me soon to see for yourself another side of Hong Kong. One that’s a littler greener, even a little calmer, but equally enticing…

$400HKD / hour for up to 2 people (minimum 2 hours) and $400HKD / additional set of 2 people, does not include food or other miscellaneous costs


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