Douglas K.

From: $800HKD

Most Explorers will prefer to travel in the local metro when they are in a new place, but how many will you miss out that are on the ground?

Come along to discover:

History & Culture – history of local development & public transportation

Food – really local cuisines, like Cha chaan teng

Occupation: Helpdesk Engineer

Languages: Cantonese and English, and Japanese learner

Areas I know well: Kowloon area

Maximum group size: 4

General Availability: Weekends

As a hobby, I happen to have a bit of digging in the history of local development and public transportation. Since our metro are still having some blind spot here and there, you may have miss out something that the HKTB “forgot” to tell you. I, on the other hand, can provide the supplement that best suits to your personal preferences. For instance, did you know the real Victoria Peak is not where the Peak Tram ends? Or how do we squish 7 million people in such a small place? Maybe you’ve heard of the (hopefully world-famous) minibus, ever wonder how it works? Everything is customizable, and just feel free to drop me a message!

$400HKD / hour for up to 2 people (minimum 2 hours) and $400HKD / additional set of 2 people, does not include food or other miscellaneous costs


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