Chat with Local Insider: Casper L.

Our Local, Casper L., lets us uncover more about her from broadly sharing her favorite tourist attraction to her favorite district, and on a more personal level, her favorite childhood memory.

She loves to try out new foods and share her love for travel. Growing up in Hong Kong has allowed her to see how the city has changed. If you ask nicely, she may even tell you what kind of food she is carrying in those bowls!

Casper L

Do you have a favorite ‘Hidden Gem’ tourist attraction?

Yes! My favourite tourist attraction is Po Toi Island. It is the southernmost island of Hong Kong and the nature view is awesome. I had a day trip there to walk along the hiking trail. I discovered the temple, beach and the lighthouse. My friends and I saw the horizon clearly on a sunny day! I would like to try to go camping at Po Toi Island to see the famous and beautiful, starry night of Hong Kong in the summer!

What is your favorite food?

Oh! It’s hard to say!! But recently I quite like Indian food…especially chicken tikka masala with naan! (Yummy!) The curry’s color and the smell are amazing!

What is your favorite childhood memory?

I remember my childhood was mostly staying on the Kowloon side. Though I didn’t often go to the HK Island side, I still found this city extremely large and full of exciting stuff to explore. When I was 8 years old, every weekend my parents loved to take my brother and me to a game centre at Dragon Centre, which is a mall located at Sham Shui Po. My parents paid the money for tokens and we lined up to play air hockey. This game was my favourite game! I teamed up with my mother while my father teamed up with my brother.

One time, we had an exciting family competition in which I beat my brother by 1 point! That evening we left the game centre and I was attracted to the smell of sweet popcorn. At first my mother refused to buy me the snack. But my father took his wallet out that time and paid the staff for a small cup of popcorn and said: “It’s not good for children. But as a reward for you.” I grinned to my father.

These good old days do not exist now, since the divorce of my parents. Every time I walk pass the game centre, I can still recall being cared for by both my mother and father.

What is your favorite place to travel to?

My favourite place to travel to would be London. The city is mixed with modern and traditional style architecture. You can see many stylish buildings when you have a random walk in London. People are really nice and funny. I like sitting on a London bench beside the river Thames and watch the sky. It’s very relaxing!

What is your favorite activity when you have time off?

I think it’s randomly walking around…There are always some hidden places or some change you will never know, even though you are a local. When I have a walk on the weekend I can see some shops and restaurants that keep changing when i haven’t been to that place for just a few days / weeks!

If you were away from Hong Kong for 10 years and returned for 2 hours, what would you do?

I would go back to where I lived to see if there are any changes. Then go to a restaurant with my friends in Hong Kong to eat the “Hong Kong style” food and speak in Cantonese as much as I can! (Assuming I haven’t spoken Cantonese for a long time…)

What is your favorite district?

It’s Mong Kok – a sleepless district that you won’t get bored in. There are many locals busking [playing music on the streets] on the weekend, different kinds of restaurants open until the middle of the night and you can see people hanging out on the street all the time. The culture makes Mong Kok become a busy, unique and energetic district.

I want to learn about Hong Kong with Casper!

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