Interview with Local Insider: Sophia W.

What do our Local insiders like to do in Hong Kong and where do they like go in Hong Kong? Let’s find out!

Sophia W. – She is an expert on vegan food in Hong Kong, horticulture, rooftop farms and joins poetry slams as well! She moved to Hong Kong from Germany and loves to share her excitement for the city. You may remember Sophia from her video profile!

Sophia W

Favorite place to go in Hong Kong

There are many great places to visit and enjoy your time in Hong Kong. A not so well-known but definitely worth visiting attraction is Chung Hom Kok Beach on Hong Kong Island. Getting there involves a short hike and for that reason this beautiful stretch of white sandy beach is considered as too ‘inconvenient’ to get to. During weekdays there’s hardly anyone, unless you want to count in the bunches of nemo-like fish, big jumping fish, wild boars and breeding dragonflies. Just 30 minutes away from the urban hustle & bustle, this place is worth a visit for all wildlife and beach admirers.

Your (secret) favorite tourist attraction

The sight of Hong Kong’s iconic skyline is pretty impressive, a fact that doesn’t seem to change regardless of how many times I’ve already marveled at it. The Tsim Sha Tsui or Central harbour front promenades are usually the go-to places to enjoy the view. However, if you manage to get a table at Wooloomooloo’s alfresco bar (THE ONE shopping mall, Tsim Sha Shui) then you’ll get an unrestricted view that’s even better.

Tourist attraction

What is your favorite food?

To pick a favorite food is a hard one for me because of the wide variety of choices. Fresh, hand-made dumplings at Din Tai Fung, an organic wrap at Mana! Fast Slow Food, as well as tropical fruits sold at any wet market in Hong Kong are very high on my list. Another restaurant worth mentioning is Tsui Wah, a Hongkongese chain restaurant excelling at Asian fusion cuisine.

If you were away from Hong Kong for 10 years and returned for 2 hours, where would you go?

I would head to Din Tai Fung with an empty stomach and eat as much as I can possibly manage.

Favorite district in Hong Kong

In terms of urban districts, my favorite one is definitely Mong Kok. It’s full of life 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. There are lots of street markets and sometimes I enjoy just roaming around the crowded alleys, soaking up the vibrant atmosphere.

Mong Kok

I want to see more of Hong Kong with Sophia!

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