8 Must-Eat Street Foods of Hong Kong

Sam the Local Co-Founders, Maggie and Anita, introduce the 8 Must-Eat Street Foods of Hong Kong.

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3 thoughts on “8 Must-Eat Street Foods of Hong Kong

  1. Greg

    Awesome! I am heading to HK soon and was wondering what would be good to try and you have given me the grand tour. Thanks so much for the fun and very informative walk around the town.

    1. There is sooooo much to eat and try and explore. Make sure you bring your extra stomach so you can fit in all the delicious food!

      Our Locals would also be able to create a customized itinerary for you and show you more and tell you the stories and background as well, if you’re interested: https://www.samthelocal.com/locals. Feel free to contact us at [email protected] if you have any questions as you prepare for your trip.


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